About us

MH&A was founded in 2018 by Professor Matt Hamnett, who has worked at senior levels in central Government, corporate and social sector organisations. His focus on social impact, his love of really complex and challenging work, his pace and high expectations, define our firm.

Our work and experience

We’ve done a huge amount of work in the education sector, working with clients in central Government, the wider public and private sectors on national policy, organisational strategy, investment, innovation, transformation, service delivery and diversification.

We also do a great deal of work on economic development, working with national, regional and local Government clients to understand what places, communities and businesses need, and to design, mobilise and deliver initiatives that will directly impact social and economic indicators.

Our team’s expertise, experience and empathy mean that we are also often asked to support the design, mobilisation, delivery or assurance of major programmes – irrespective of their sector focus.

Our offer and value

We work in…

Education: we’re experts in technical education, apprenticeships, student employability and awarding / accreditation – working with clients in Government, higher and further education.

Economic development: we’re experts in the drivers of productivity and growth at national, regional and local levels – working with clients in central, devolved and local Government.

Major programmes: we’re experts in the design, mobilisation, delivery and assurance of major public service programmes, irrespective of their sector focus.

We do…

Strategy: we help public, private and third sector clients set strategy, and take strategic decisions with respect to e.g. investment, transformation, diversification and growth.

Service design: we help clients design services and models which intimately reflect their strategic intent, which are progressive, efficient – and deliverable.

Operational delivery: we help clients mobilise and deliver programmes and services in a manner which reflects their strategic intent and service designs – and which deliver exceptional outcomes.

We bring…

Expertise: we’re a team of experts in our disciplines, and in the sectors where we do most of our work; that insight enables us to deliver exceptional work product.

Experience: our team includes colleagues with serious, senior level experience in and around Government; their wisdom enables us to cut through the noise and get things done.

Empathy: we understand, and care about, our clients’ context; that empathy enables us to work alongside our clients, make sensitive judgement and deliver smoothly.